Dr. K.C. Das testifies in Congressional Hearing May 21, 2009: Dr. KC Das was invited as witness before the US House Committee on Small Business; Hearing on the impacts of outstanding regulatory policy on small biofuels producers and family farmers.
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"UGA licenses technology to make fuel from dead forests and agricultural waste" The Office for the Vice President for Research,UGA, September 15, 2009

With help from UGA's research team, Dalton Utilities plans the nation's first wastewater biodeisel plant The Daily Citizen, Dalton Georgia, July 6, 2009

"Dalton Utilities has partnered with the University of Georgia for the past two years on pioneering research for using algae to treat wastewater and produce fuel"Chattanooga Times Free Press, July 2009

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USAID/HED TIES Conference 2009:
Dr. KC Das travelled to Veracruz Mexico to participate in the conference "Call to Action".
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North American Biochar Conference biochar 09
Dr. KC Das, Christoph Steiner, and other members of the UGA Biorefining Program attended this landmark even; the first biochar conference of this scale in the U.S., in Boulder CO, August 9-12, 2009. View presentation >>

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UGA's groundbreaking conference on Char:2004: The Energy and Carbon Utilization Symposium held at the University of Georgia, June 10-11 2004, brought energy producers and policy makers together with agricultural ecologists, soil scientists, engineers, and private-sector companies from around the world.


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