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State AgriculturalDay at the Capitol: Dr. KC Das, Dr. Senthil Chinnasamy, Ryan Hunt, and Marie-Claire LaBerge, represented the Biorefining Program at Ag Week kick-off celebrations in downtown Atlanta. Government officials, industry personel, and the general public were present to increase awareness and celebrate successes in Georgia Agribusiness.

UGA Biorefining Program welcomes TIES Group III Interns
Argelia Cervantes and Emmanuel Chavarria participate in the five month internship sponsored by USAID

Biorefining Program Research Technician visits Campinas, Brazil
Brian Bibens visited UGA industry contractor Termoquip, October 28-November 4

UGA Biorefining Program welcomes Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar from MDS University, Rajasthan, India He joins the Algae Research group to complete his Post Doctoral work.
UGA hosts professors from India's Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Drs. Doraisamy and Maheswari conducted collaborative research in the field of anaerobic digestion and waste management from September 1-October 16, 2008.
New Seminar Class Offering for Spring 2009
FORS 8020—Opportunities in the Biobased Economy

Dr. KC Das and Christoph Steiner in Bogata
UGA representatives Drs. K.C. Das and Christoph Steiner travelled to Bogata, Colombia, August 23-31, 2008 in collaboration with Cenipalma for field research and conference.

DOE to Invest US$4.4 Million
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected six advanced biofuels projects in which the DOE plans to invest up to US$4.4 million, including the University of Georgia.

UGA at World Bioenergy 2008: UGA reps K.C. Das and Ryan Adolphson travelled to Jonkoping, Sweden to participate in the World Bioenergy 2008 Conference and Exhibition on Biomass for Energy.

UNCCD Support of Biochar: :In December 2008, the UNCCD proposed to include Biochar as a method of carbon sequestration. The attached document describes biochar and its value in carbon sequestration. View PDF >>

TIES Interns Visit Local School: TIES Group II interns Gerrardo Martinez and Christian Espino visited Fowler Drive Elementary to introduce kids to bioenergy and the potential of higher education.

Faculty Exchange Visit from Mexico: Five faculty from biochemical engineering and agricultural engineering at the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila in Torreon and the Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonia Narro in Saltillo, Mexico will visit UGA between April 15 and 25, 2008.

Terra Preta Research in the Amazon Basin: UGA researchers are studying anthropogenic charcoal enriched soils, among the most productive in the world, to determine the agronomic potential of charcoal and possible opportunities for adopting a biochar system on a global scale.

TIES Grant Interns Arrive at UGA: Two students from Mexico are completing a five month internship incorporating lab experience in anaerobic digestion, field visits, and outreach.

USAID Grant Partners UGA and Mexican Universities in Biofuel Production: A United States Agency for International Development grant awarded to the University of Georgia will create an educational partnership to share expertise in generating fuels from waste materials with academics and professionals in Mexico's livestock industry.

Thai Visiting Scientist: Amphol Aworn, Ph.D. student in Environmental Technology from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, is spending six months at the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program laboratories, through a scholarship from the Thailand Research Fund.

Visiting Borlaug Fellow: Krystyna Malinska, Ph.D., from the Institute of Environmental Engineering at Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland, is spending five weeks at the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program laboratories researching production of ethanol from ligninocellulosic biomass.


BIO International Convention 2009:
BIO logo The BIO International Convention is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry and attracts the biggest names in biotech, offers key networking and partnering opportunities, and provides insights and inspiration on the major trends affecting the industry. UGA Biorefining Program memebers visited BIO May 18-21, 2009

Binational TIES Symposium 2009; Anaerobic Digestion of Animal Wastes: Dr. K.C. Das and five other UGA faculty members travelled to Torreon, Mexico, for the two day symposium hosted by UGA TIES parnter, Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila.

Algae Biomass Summit 2008: Dr. K.C. Das traveled to Seattle, WA to attend the Second Algae Biomass Summit, October 22-25. The Algal Biomass Organization is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the algal biomass industry that promotes the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae.

Bioenergy Days 2008: The International 2008 Bioenergy Days took place September 28-October 3 in Minnesota. UGA's Christoph Steiner presented "How to become carbon negative and create a better economy." View presentation>>

Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap Workshop:Dr. K.C. Das travels to Washington D.C. to attend this DOE hosted conference. Learn more >> IBI logo

UGA at IBI in Newcastle: UGA reps travelled to Newcastle, UK to present in the 2nd Annual InternationalMeeting of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) in September 2008. View
presentation >>

UN CSD Session: The UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) had its 16th session May 9,2008. UGA'sChristoph Steiner presented "Soil Charcoal Amendments to Maintain Soil Fertility and Fix Carbon: Senarios for Major Eco-Regions." View presentation >>

US-Mexico TIES Symposium "Energy & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development": April 17, 2008 at Driftmier Auditorium, UGA Driftmier Engineering Center.

FOE seminar picInnovations at the Interface: This Faculty of Engineering seminar series was hosted Dr. Jerald Schnoor, preeminent scientist from Iowa State University, who gave a talk on Global Warming and the Future of Biofuels. View video >>

Biorefinery: Integrated System for the Conversion of Biomass to Chemicals, Fuels, and Bio-products:
Presentation by K.C. Das, Tom T. Adams, Ryan Adolphson and E. Dale Threadgill. View presentation >>

From Clostridium thermoaceticum to Moorella thermoacetica: By Viewing the Old, We Learn the New: Poster by Steven L. Daniel and Harold L. Drake. View poster >>

UN Climate Change Conference, Bali, December 3-14, 2007: Christoph Steiner, Ph.D., member of the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program, was invited by the UNCCD to present research and prospects of soil charcoal amendments to sequester CO2 and restore soil fertility. He stressed that use of charcoal as a soil amendment is not new. He highlighted research and development into the production of biochar (non fuel char use) as a by-product of gasification, with simultaneous sustainable land management and carbon sequestration benefits. He noted that a CDM market could make biochar widely available. View presentation >>

Energy Technologies for Biorefining: Presentation by K.C. Das, Ph.D, P.E., for the 25X25 Meeting in Atlanta, 3 October 2007.

Energy Balance: The Intersection of Technology, Policy, and Economics: Hosted by the Strategic Energy Institute and Ga. Tech, 24 October 2007.

2006 Southeastern Biodiesel Workshop: UGA Georgia Center, May 2006.

2004 The Energy and Carbon Utilization Symposium:
UGA June 10-11, 2004.


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UGA-Mexico TIES Symposium Highlights New Sustainable Development Strategies
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