Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool for analyzing and assessing the environmental impacts of a material, product, process, system or service throughout its entire life cycle i.e from ‘cradle to grave’. Generally, a whole life cycle includes raw material extraction, processing, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, use, reuse, maintenance, recycling and waste disposal. Our research is focused on studying the carbon footprints of generating biofuels from multiple lignocellulosic biomass species using various conversion platforms. Our research is also focused both on the process and product based bioenergy systems. LCA 2
Figure 1. An example of LCA of biomass pellet production system

Current Projects and Future Directions:

  1. Life cycle analysis of biomass Pelleting systems
  2. LCA of charcoal production from biomass
  3. LCA of microalgae biomass production using various photo bioreactor designs
  4. LCA of forest biomass supply logistics system