Bioconversion Research & Education Center (BREC)


The Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program's vast scope of research requires multiple lab units and locations. The majority of research is conducted in the Driftmier Engineering Center on South Campus, and at The Bioconversion Research & Education Center(BREC). Please visit the Cooperative Labs link for more information on additional facilities.

BREC is situated in the hills and dales near the State Botanical Gardens and the University Equine Center. Fondly referred to as 'Whitehall' for its street address, this site houses pilot scale biorefinery research, algae bench and pilot scale research, preprocessing systems, as well as many other components integral to biorefinery research, including labs and classrooms. 

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The algae research facilites include growth chambers, vertical photobioreactors, bioenergetic stimulation equipment, algae pond raceways, and a new greenhouse. Please follow the above link for more information regarding the use of microalgae for biofuels.


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The UGA/EPRIDA biorefinery: Renewable energy production out of biomass coupled with charcoal carbon sequestration produces energy with carbon negative emissions (i.e. each unit of energy produced reduces CO2 from the atmosphere). note: UGA housed this equipment during a UGA/EPRIDA research collaboration that concluded in 2009. Although this equipment is no longer located at BREC, the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program is contunuously active in research and development of all aspects of the biorefinery concept.

Eprida refinery