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Slash and Char Soil charcoal amendments maintain soil fertility and create a carbon sink
Christoph Steiner, Wenceslau Teixeira, Thomas Nehls, Johannes Lehmann, & Wolfgang Zech

slash and char
photo: Ilse Ackermann

Socio Economic Study of Farmer Charcoal Production in the Brazilian Amazon
and implications for the slash-and-char praxis & carbon sequestration

Sundari Narayan Swami, Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira, Johannes Lehmann, & Christoph Steiner

Development of carbon fibers from biomass tars
WM Qiaoa, M Hudaa, S-H Yoona, Y Koraia, I Mochidaa, H Hayashib, & K Kawamotoc

Use of charcoal residues as an alternative substraact for growing media of crajiru (Arrabidaea chica Verlot.)
Grace Kely Assis de Souza, Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira, Arivan Ribeiro Reis, & Francisco Célio M. Chaves

Effects of charcoal, phosphorus, and nitrogen on the mineral nutrition of banana
Danielle Gonçalves Costa, Adônis Moreira, Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira, & Christoph Steiner

Soil Chemical Properties Influenced by Water-Washed Charcoal: Abiotic & Biotic Processes
Chih-Hsin Cheng, Johannes Lehmann, & Janice Thies