Mark Andrew Czarnota

NAME Mark Andrew Czarnota
TITLE Assistant Professor
DEPARTMENT Horticulture, Weed Control, Horticultural Crops
PHONE 770-228-7398
FAX 770-412-4764
ADDRESS 1109 Experiment Street
Griffin, Georgia 30223
EDUCATION Ph.D., Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, Cornell University
M.S., Weed Science, Virginia Tech
B.S., Plant Science, University of Delaware
RESEARCH INTERESTS Weed control in horticultural crops

Mark Czarnota


Dr. Czarnota is an Assistant Professor in Horticulture at University of Georgia with a 75% Extension/25% Research appointment. He has worked in the area of weed control for over 15 years, focusing on turf and horticultural crop weed control. Focus areas of his work include evaluation of herbicides for efficacy and crop injury and natural products for weed control. Through his research, he has authored or coauthored 11 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 book chapter and 26 conference papers and he has participated as Principal Investigator (PI) in over 50 federal, state, or industry funded projects (totaling $350,000). Dr. Czarnota currently collaborative with many UGA researchers as well researchers at Cornell University, North Carolina State, and University of Florida.


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