K.C. Das


K.C. Das




College of Engineering—Biological and Agricultural Engineering/Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program






Driftmier Engineering Center
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602




Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Ohio State University
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Georgia
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Anna University, Madras, India


Bioenergy, Biofuels, Bioproducts, Biodiesel, Fermentation, Thermochemical Processing, Pyrolysis, Gasification


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K.C. Das


Dr. K.C. Das is a Professor, Faculty of Engineering, and Director of the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program at the University of Georgia. He has worked in research, outreach, and teaching related to biomass management for over 15 years focusing on possesses for value addition and new product creation. Focus areas of his work include bioconversion and thermochemical conversion of biomass to energy and chemical feedstocks, and development of an integrated biorefinery. This includes pyrolysis, gasification, anaerobic digestion, and composting for conversion of waste to energy or products. Through his research, he has authored or coauthored 54 peer reviewed journal articles, 6 book chapters, 106 conference papers, and he has participated as Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI in over 50 federal, state, or industry funded projects (totaling over $4 million). He teaches senior level engineering process design and environmental engineering courses at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Das' research group currently has collaborative links with many UGA researchers and international groups in Colombia (Cenipalma), India (SRM University), Brasil (EMPRAPA), China (National Bamboo Research Center), Mexico (Univ. Coahuila), etc. Additionally Dr. Das has worked in technology transfer in Guyana (though Partners of the Americas).


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