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Extraction/Thermochemical Processing

  • Soxhlet extractor set
  • Parr 4578 Pressure reactor—supercritical extraction
  • (3) Thermolyne batch reactor/furnaces
  • Lindberg/Blue continuous reactor/furnace
  • Charmaker
  • Gasifier

Parr 4578 Pressure reactor


  • Vermeer Chipper
  • Kubota Tractor
  • Luck/Now Mixer
  • Royer Screen
  • Hammermill
  • Pellet Mill
  • Extruder
  • Fritsch Pulverisette grinder
  • Retsch Grindomix GM200 Mixer/grinder
  • Tecator Cycotec 1093 Sample mill
    The Cycotec is a sample mill used to used for the rapid, uniform grinding of various dry samples. This mill is capable of grinding up to four grams per second, and does so in a uniform fashion because of the cyclone principle that it uses.
  • SPEX 8000M Mixer mill
    The SPEX 8000M is a shaker mill that utilizes ball bearings to pulverize and mix samples. A sample is placed inside a crucible, along with two or more ball bearings. The crucible is then secured to a shock-mounted electric motor, which shakes the crucible at a pace that causes the ball bearings to completely pulverize or thoroughly mix its contents.
  • Various drying ovens/furnaces
    These ovens are insulated devices that are commonly used to either dry or age samples.
  • Buchi R-200 Rotary evaporator
    The Buchi R-200 is a single-step distillation device. It is used for the thermal separation of smaller quantities of sample material. It is a quick, gentle, and effective way to separate products with different boiling points.

Kubota Tractor

Vermeer Chipper

Luck/Now Mixer

Retsch Grindomix

Tecator Cycotec 1093 Sample mill

SPEX 8000M Mixer mill

Drying oven


  • (6) 250 mL reactors for emissions characterization by GC
  • Oxymax respirometer
  • (9) 50 L reactor size batch composters
  • 75 L Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
  • Compost turner

Buchi R-200 Rotary evaporator

Oxymax respirometer

50 L reactor size batch composter

50 L reactor size batch composter