Dale Greene

NAME Dale Greene
TITLE Professor
DEPARTMENT Center for Forest Business
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
PHONE 706-542-6652
FAX 706-542-8356
ADDRESS 160 East Green Street
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-2152
EMAIL greene@warnell.uga.edu
EDUCATION Ph.D., Forestry, Auburn University
M.S., Forestry, Virginia Tech
B.S., Forestry, Louisiana State University
RESEARCH INTERESTS Forest Harvesting Systems and Equipment, Logging Business Issues, Biomass Harvesting Opportunities

Dale Greene


Dr. Dale Greene is joined the faculty of the University of Georgia in 1986. His research focuses on improving logging system performance and forest business issues. His research team has worked extensively on finding ways to economically harvest logging residues and understory for use as bioenergy feedstocks.

Dale teaches courses in timber harvesting, forest management, and forest operations. He co-teaches (with Dr. K.C. Das and Dr. Joy D. Peterson) a graduate seminar focusing on biomass and bioenergy and teaches a University Freshman Seminar on renewable energy from forests. Dale also teaches continuing education courses for logging contractors and foresters on topics including logging cost analysis, harvest planning, and thinning operations. Dale received the Herrick Superior Teaching Award from the Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources in 2007.

Dale is active participant with the Council on Forest Engineering, Forest Resources Association, Georgia Forestry Association, Forest Products Society, and the Society of American Foresters. He has served on the Georgia State Board of Registration for Foresters since 2004 and currently serves as Chairman. Dale received the 2007 Outstanding Research Award from the Southeastern Section of the Society of American Foresters.

To learn more about Dr. Greene's work, visit www.warnell.uga.edu/Members/greene.


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