R. Dewey Lee

NAME R. Dewey Lee
TITLE Professor and Extension Agronomist-Grains
DEPARTMENT Crop and Soil Sciences
PHONE 229-386-3432
FAX 229-386-7308
ADDRESS 4604 Research Way, Horticulture Bdg.
P.O. Box 748
University of Georgia
Tifton, Georgia 31793
EMAIL deweylee@uga.edu
WEB SITE www.caes.uga.edu/commodities/ fieldcrops/gagrains/index.html
EDUCATION Ph.D. Agronomy, University of Georgia
M.S., Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Auburn University
B.S., Agricultural Sciences, Auburn University
RESEARCH INTERESTS Grain production, biofuel feedstock production, cropping systems, mycotoxin mitigation in grains

R. Dewey Lee


I conduct statewide educational and research programs in winter and summer grain production for food, feed and bio-fuels. I work specifically on corn, wheat, grain sorghum, millet, oats, barley, rye and triticale. Most recently my extension outreach and research work has been focused on reducing crop stress in production systems and mycotoxin contamination in grain crops through conservation tillage, irrigation technologies and cover crops. In addition to grain crops, I am currently studying the production potential and adaptability of bio-fuel crops such as Camelina sativa, Jatropha curcas and Pongamia pinnata. My commodity web site is www.caes.uga.edu/commodities/fieldcrops/gagrains/index.html.


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