Sudhagar Mani

NAME Sudhagar Mani
TITLE Assistant Professor
DEPARTMENT Biochemical Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering & Biological and Agricultural Engineering/Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program
PHONE 706-542-2358
FAX 706-542-8806
ADDRESS 511, Driftmier Engineering Center University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602
EDUCATION Ph.D., Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada
M.S., Food Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India
RESEARCH INTERESTS Feedstock supply analysis, biomass preprocessing and pelletization, Supercritical extraction, Torrefaction, Gasification, Life Cycle Analysis, Bio-composites and Bio-products

Sudhagar Mani


Dr. Sudhagar Mani is Assistant Professor of Engineering at University of Georgia. He has worked in research and teaching related to biomass feedstock engineering and systems analysis over 7 years focusing primarily on developing technologies to solve biomass feedstock related problems for economical and efficient collection, transport and preprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass from agriculture and forest sources. Focus areas of his work include biomass feedstock resource assessment, feedstock supply logistics modeling and analysis, biomass drying and size reduction, pelletization or granulation/densification of biomass, Steam pretreatment and thermal treatment (torrefaction) of biomass to increase energy density, supercritical gasification, life cycle assessment of products and processes. Through his research, he has authored or coauthored 15 referred journal articles, 1 book chapter, 3 technical reports and 45 conference papers and presentations. He teaches Engineering Thermodynamics, Physical Unit Operations, Biomass Feedstock Engineering courses and developing two new senior level graduate courses on Renewable Energy Engineering and Engineering Life Cycle Analysis at the University of Georgia.


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