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UGA research technician travelled to Campinas, Brazil, to visit industry leaders at Termoquip, and University of Campinas, Octber 28- November 4, 2008.

Brian Bibens completed extensive training on a 10 kg/hr down-draft wood gasifier, manufactured by Termoquip, including installation and startup procedures. He learned the complexities of manipulating environmental parameters of the gasifier to obtain different syngas qualities. Termoquip's directors, Claudio Moura and Themistocles Rocha, shared their insights in manufacturing small industrial scale gasifiers, cross-flow gasifiers, and incinerators. Termoquip will be delivering a gasification unit to UGA early 2009.

Biomass gasification for power production involves heating biomass to 700-900 C° in an oxygen- starved environment to produce/synthesize a medium or low BTU gas referred to as syngas (synthesis gas). This syngas may then be used directly as fuel in a combined cycle power generation plant using a gas turbine for electrical generation. Additionally, syngas may be enhanced (cleaned) and used as a pipeline quality gas for industrial, commercial and residential uses. The Termoquip down-draft gasification unit produces a clean syngas, with less tar, and can process 10 kg of wood or other biomass materials per hour. It has the added capibility of rigging to a furnace, an engine, or reforming process via atalytic upgrading to make specialty chemicals or liquid fuels.

gasifier hopper
Gasifier hopper
syngas burn
Syngas burn
termoquip uga gasifier
Termoquip down-draft gasification unit