Leticia S. Sonon

NAME Leticia S. Sonon
TITLE Public Service Assistant
Soil, Plant, and Water Laboratory
DEPARTMENT Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories
PHONE 706-542-5350
FAX 706-369-5734
ADDRESS Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602
EMAIL lsonon@uga.edu
EDUCATION Ph.D., Soil Chemistry, Kansas State University
M.S., Soil Fertility/Chemistry, Cornell University
B.S., Soil Science, Visayas State University
RESEARCH INTERESTS Char characterization, Phosphorus and ammonia sorption on chars

Leticia Sonon


Dr. Leticia S. Sonon is the Program Coordinator of the Soil, Plant, and Water Laboratory of the Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories (AESL) of the University of Georgia. This laboratory provides sample analytical services to agricultural producers, homeowners, agribusinesses, and researchers. The laboratory services combined with unbiased interpretations and recommendations are aimed at improving agricultural productivity while maintaining a healthy environment.

In response to the increasing need of the research community for analytical services, the laboratory offered support by developing new techniques and modifying some existing analytical procedures to carry out extensive wet chemistry analysis of non-traditional samples such as the biochars and other biosolids. Dr. Sonon carries out applied research in the development of new laboratory testing procedures and methodologies, and collaborate with other faculty in the University on research and outreach projects that utilize the services offered by AESL Dr. Sonon's current research endeavors include ammonia sorption on chars and characterizing phosphorus sorption on chars obtained from different pyrolyzed feedstocks.


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