William B. Whitman

NAME William B. Whitman
TITLE Professor and Head, Microbiology
DEPARTMENT Department of Microbiology
PHONE 706-542-4219
FAX 706-542-2674
ADDRESS 541 Biological Science Building
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602-2605
EMAIL whitman@uga.edu
EDUCATION Ph.D, University of Texas at Austin
B.S., SUNY at Stony Brook
RESEARCH INTERESTS Bacterial physiology and systematics, methane-producing archaea

W.B. Whitman


My laboratory has studied the methane-producing bacteria since I came to Georgia in 1982. In the last 25 years, our research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy, and we have published greater than 50 research papers and 20 reviews on these microorganisms. At one time or another, my laboratory has studied a wide range of topics concerning their nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and systematics. Currently, we are using methanogens to develop methods for biological H2 production, to selectively remove inhibitors from the cellulosic hydrolysates used in the ethanol fermentation, and to investigate it as a model organism for disease. As energy becomes more expensive, methanogens have great potential for biotechnological applications as well as waste treatment. In the biofuels arena, it has immediate application in the coproduction of methane with ethanol from biomass. In these processes, 20-30% of the energy from the biomass might actually be derived from methane.


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